It Takes Three Marriage Ministries


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What We Are Not, But . . .

First - We are not a church. You can not join us or become a member of this ministry,
BUT we are a ministry that you can support with your prayers and your attendance at our various events.

Second - We are not trying to proselytize (steal) members from churches,
we do want to assist pastors with estabilshing a marriage ministry in their church or if one is in place, to supplement that ministry. We can never get enough of Jesus Christ in our marriage.

Third - We are not trying to take tithes and offerings from your home church,
we are a ministry that is walking by faith. We will continue to use our own resources until God provides us other means to fund this ministry. We do accept donations and thank God for anyone who would like to sow into this ministry, BUT we implore you to make sure any donations given to this ministry are above and beyond your tithes and offerings.

Fourth - We are not a ministry just for couples that have problems in their marriages,
we are a ministry that is here to help those seeking to take their marriage to the next level. Whether we are having problems in our marriage or not, we all should be striving to get closer to Jesus in our individual lives. When we place Jesus in the center of marriage, He will draw us closer to each other. Marriage is something that should always be a work in progress.

Fifth - We are not a ministry that is trying to get into your personal lives,
we do talk about serious issues that we, as married couples are facing in our marriages. We address those issues that pastors can not address across the pulpit on Sunday mornings. The devil is busy trying to keep people from seeking help, keeping things in darkness but Jesus is the light that can and will take over darkness. God wants you to seek godly counsel and take back whatever the devil is trying to steal from you.

Sixth - We are not a ministry where we allow you to speak against your spouse or others,
we do allow you to talk and share what YOU BOTH have agreed to share. If things get too deep, we encourage the couple to seek Christian counseling. We also emphasize that, what is shared at our events from a personal stand point should not be shared with anyone outside of that event.

Seventh - We are not a clique or club,
we are a group of individuals with a common goal and agenda, which is to learn more about Jesus so that we can learn to be more like Him in our individual lives and our marriages. Anyone seeking Jesus Christ is more than welcome to attend.

Eighth - We are not a ministry that teaches from a worldly perspective concerning marriage,
we do teach from the bible, the Word of God. We also use other resources which are scripture based.

Ninth - We are not a ministry that wants to bring confusion into your marriage,
we are a ministry trying to build up marriages and reinforce the fact that without Jesus in your marriage, it is impossible to have a Holy Matrimony. We are not here to tear down our spouses or future spouse but we are here to lift up the name of Jesus Christ and when we do that, He will bless our marriages.

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